Talk Program... A step to new vision..

May 9, 2011 by Suraj

YFN Previous Name of HCRI organized an interaction and talk program on 31st March 2011 at Boudha Stupa Resturant. The program was attended by around 29 youths who were invited through mail on a reply of volunteer call notice of YFN. The notified applicants included the fresh and energetic youths/students of environment science, forestry including sociology and medicine too who were keen to work for nature conservation. The program was facilitated by Ms. Sangita Pant, treasurer of YFN. Ms. Bunu Gauli, secretary of YFN formally commenced the program with welcome speech. The specific goal of the program was to introduce the organization Youth for Nature among the youth inciting them to join hands with the organization to strengthen the working team of it. Mr. Suraj Upadhaya, president of YFN gave a presentation on introduction of YFN, its aims, objectives, activities, plans and its copartners focusing on GIL project, a joint venture of YFN and Long Yang Organization of Munich, Germany. He urged the participants of diverse field, who have been looking for a platform to contribute in environment conservation to join, share and work with YFN. Kristin Kays, Asia representative of Long Yang Association shared in a presentation, some similarities of Nepali and Germany society with wonderful slides of healthy Germany society. She added how we can make an improvement from individual aspect to make our environment clean, green and healthy.

She also spoke on the psychological influence of green nature on human. Angela Behr from Long Yang Association assist her for presentation. Michiel van Heugten from Holland gave presentation emphasizing the eco friendly behavior that we can practice in our daily life. He addressed the importance and economic value of eco friendly tools and applications like solar, biogas, use of grey water and others. The sharing of his experience of living in an eco friendly house made up of bamboos and wood was interesting. The three hour program ended with informal interaction with the participants along with tea. The positive and promising views of participants have encouraged the YFN to gear up its activities, especially the launching of GIL project in governmental schools. YFN look forward to multiply the innovative ideas and efforts of fresh volunteers to contribute in the environment conservation deeds from the grass root level. And also ensures the satisfaction cum respect to the new volunteers for their altruism while working with organization.